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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Recreational Marijuana Retail Stores

Kaya Shack

Kaya Holdings operates the Kaya Shack™ brand of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Dubbed by the mainstream press as the “Starbucks of Marijuana” after our first store opened in July, 2014, our operating concept is simple- to deliver a consistent customer experience (quality products, fair prices and superior customer service) to a broad and diverse base of customers. Kaya Shack™ meets the quality needs of the “marijuana enthusiast”, the comfort and atmosphere preferences of “soccer moms” and the price sensitivities of casual smokers.

The Kaya Shack™ brand communicates positive thinking and joy, with signs adorning the walls that read “It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day” and “Some of our Happiest Days Haven’t Even Happened Yet”, and our signature “Be Kind”.

Kaya Shack™ Stores are open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Operations follow an operational manual that details procedures for 18 areas of operation including safety, compliance, store opening, store closing, merchandising, handling of cash, inventory control, product intake, store appearance and employee conduct.

In compliance with regulations, all marijuana and marijuana infused products sold through our stores are quality tested by independent labs to assure adherence to strict quality and purity standards.

While the stores are currently operating as medical marijuana dispensaries (MMDs), as of October 1, 2015 they will also begin to offer recreational sales pursuant to a bill passed by both Houses of the Oregon Legislature. When recreational licenses are available in 2016 we will apply for retail sales licenses for all locations but still intend to keep our medical marijuana dispensary licenses so as to continue delivering top service to our patient base.

Retail Locations

Kaya Shack, 1719 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, Oregon

Our flagship Hawthorne Boulevard Store opened July 3, 2014. The location is prime Portland real estate, located in an area that many term as “the Greenwich Village of Portland”.

The Portland facility currently features over 35 popular strains of marijuana including our proprietary, high-grade “Kaya Kush” (independent testing performed on 11/10/2014 confirms a total THC/Cannabinoid content in excess of 25%). Our stores also feature various concentrates, including butane hash oil (B.H.O.) and CO2 oil extract (wax, shatter) which range in potency from approximately 40% to over 80% THC, as well as high grade Oils and Tinctures, high CBD – low THC strains and “Kaya Candies”, “Kaya Caramels” and an assortment of cookies and cakes for patients who do not smoke.

Kaya Shack

Kaya Shack™) Marijuana Superstore, South Salem, Oregon

Kaya Shack Marijuana Superstore

Our first Marijuana Superstore (the second Kaya Shack™) is targeted to open early-fall, 2015 in South Salem, Oregon in time to take advantage of early recreational sales starting October 1.

The Company has received its provisional license from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and has initiated site build-out. Upon completion of the construction and compliance inspection the final license will be issued by OMMP.

The first class space, with a footprint roughly three times the size of our first Kaya Shack™ in Portland, was carefully chosen with an eye towards concept expansion to enhance revenues and broaden branding opportunities. In addition to the recreational and medical marijuana products offered at our Hawthorne location, the space allows for additional products and concept innovations to be introduced. These include a clone room for the sale of nascent plants and additional on-site freshly made products.

Kaya Farms Marijuana Grow Facilities

Kaya Holdings operates the Kaya Farms Grow Operations to provide its Kaya Shack™ dispensaries with top grade connoisseur quality marijuana, including flower, concentrates and extracts, and edibles.

KAYS formed the Kaya Farms Grow to feed the Kaya Shack™ supply chain - becoming the first US publicly traded company to own a majority interest in a vertically integrated legal marijuana enterprise in the United States. As of April 30, 2015, Kaya Farms has had numerous harvests, yielding the company more than 25 pounds of organically grown medical quality marijuana.

In June 2015, Kaya Holdings announced the purchase of assets from OC Harley Gardens, a Portland-based marijuana grow which produces high quality, connoisseur-grade, marijuana. The assets include an existing duly licensed patient base with associated plants and grower licenses, unique genetics, equipment, and use of the facility on a rent-free basis.

The acquisition of OC Harley Gardens' assets doubled the Company's grow capacity and added additional highly sought-after strains to the Kaya Farms portfolio, with THC levels ranging from 20-27%. This acquisition boosts KAYS production capabilities so we can meet anticipated increases in demand as we open additional shops and recreational sales come to Oregon.

With planned expansion, our grow operations will rotate varieties utilizing the perpetual harvest room to include more than 100 strains of marijuana and substantially increase our production volumes while lowering costs.

Kaya Shack Marijuana Superstore

Manufacturing and Brands

The Company’s proprietary strain of Kaya Kush Marijuana tested in excess of 25% total THC/Cannabinoid content in November 2014. Additionally, KAYS produced its first batch of its own concentrates in February 2015, which was tested by an independent lab at 94% total cannabinoid content.

We are presently developing a roll-out of proprietary strain-specific concentrates for sale through our retail network as well as potential distribution lines to other dispensaries. The Company also expects to develop brands in in a number of other cannabis related categories.

Kaya Kush

br Kaya Kush

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