KAYS believes in supporting the people and organizations that make us proud to be part of the emerging legal cannabis industry.

We are very proud to have joined New York Giants great Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor in a program to assist Parents 4 Pot – an organization that helps parents of children with illnesses such as cancer, leukemia and epilepsy obtain medical marijuana.

We are equally proud to have made a sizable donation to the Drug Policy Alliances lobbying arm, Drug Policy Action. This donation in turn enabled donations to both the Florida effort to legalize medical marijuana and the Oregon campaign to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Company has founded the Kaya Shack Foundation to formalize its giving to individuals, groups and organizations embodying the notion that the legal marijuana community is kind, caring, supportive and generous.

In addition to our continued support to important cannabis focused charities, The Kaya Shack Foundation was also pleased to provide support to Camp Attitude, an Oregon based summer camp program for special needs children.

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