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In January 2014, we incorporated a subsidiary, Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc. a Florida corporation (“MJAI”). Through entities controlled by MJAI, we focus on opportunities in the legal recreational and medical marijuana sectors in the United States.

We operate under two prevailing guidelines:

1. All operations are to be conducted in accordance with state and local laws and regulations, and the guidance outlined in the U.S. Department of Justice “Cole Memo” dated August 29, 2013.

2. The Company will operate in a vertically integrated manner (grow, process and sell) wherever permitted by law.

In March 2014, we applied for and were awarded our first license to operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The Company developed the Kaya Shack™ brand for its retail operations and on July 3, 2014 opened its first Kaya Shack™ Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Portland, Oregon.

In April 2015, we commenced our own medical marijuana grow operations for the cultivation and harvesting of legal marijuana.

In October 2015, concurrent with Oregon’s launching of legal recreational marijuana sales through state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, we opened our second Kaya Shack™ in Salem, Oregon. The Company has labeled this store footprint its “Marijuana Superstore” as it is larger and offers a number of concept innovations.

In December 2016, in accordance with Oregon’s transition from the Oregon Health Authority (“OHA”) to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC”) as the state’s marijuana regulatory authority, we applied for OLLC licenses for our two initial Kaya Shack™ retail outlets (Portland, Oregon and South Salem, Oregon). We received our OLCC recreational license for the South Salem Kaya Shack™.

In March 2017, we received our OLCC license for our North Salem Kaya Shack™, also developed on the superstore footprint. The store opened for operations upon licensing.

In May 2017, we received our OLCC recreational license for our Portland Kaya Shack™ outlet.

In September 2017, we closed on the purchase of 26 acres of farmland in Lebanon, Oregon. The Company expects to relocate its consolidated farming and manufacturing facility to Kaya Farms™ to create a campus for all production activities.

Our Team


Our management team brings together experienced business executives and veteran cannabis specialists to provide KAYS with seasoned, thoughtful and balanced leadership.

Craig R. Frank - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Craig has been a key architect in the development and implementation of the company's vision, strategies and business plan and has developed the company from a concept to its current stage.

Prior to KAYS, Craig served for 4 years as CEO of Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (AFAI), KAYS’ predecessor company. At AFAI Craig led Jatropha plant trials in Guatemala. Honduras and Costa Rica, secured orders for 6 million gallons of biofuel, and developed industry-first programs for the use of wild feedstock. Prior to AFAI, Craig served 11 years as CEO of The Tudog Group, a Florida based business advisory firm. During Craig's tenure Tudog worked with more than 200 companies from 19 countries and 22 sectors.

Craig is a widely published author with articles on business matters featured in magazines and newsletters internationally, including the publications of the Guatemala American Chamber of Commerce, the Israel Export Institute, the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, and the World Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. He is also an in-demand speaker at international conferences, including the Florida Sterling Council, the International Project Management Association, the Central American Center for Entrepreneurship, the Israel Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and the Pino Center for Entrepreneurship at Florida International University.

W. David Jones –Special Advisor – Business Development

David has been a business development advisor and consultant to AFAI/KAYS since January 2013. In addition to his advisory work involving capital markets, market awareness and company administrative matters, he has worked alongside Craig Frank and assisted extensively with the development and implementation of the marijuana business plan and the launch and day-to-day operations of Kaya Shack™ and other cannabis projects in development.

David owns and operates BMN Consultants, Inc., an advisory firm that engages in various business consulting services. David’s newsletter Wall Street Profit Search is highly regarded for its insights and reporting as to both the OTC and broader Listed Trading Markets, as well as its ability to channel organic news development for sponsored companies on a fully disclosed basis.

David has been an active member of the South Florida business community for approximately 30 years. David has an uncanny ability to spot business trends prior to their emergence and has been active in monitoring and promoting the legal cannabis industry, and his efforts have been crucial to assisting KAYA with becoming the first public company to own and operate a vertically integrated marijuana enterprise in the United States.

Board of Directors

In addition to Mr. Frank, the KAYS Board of Directors is comprised of the following highly qualified individuals:

Carrie Schwarz

Carrie is the founding CEO of Revolutionary Tracker, an innovation hi-tech firm in the wearable computer sector. Prior to Revolutionary Tracker, Carrie served as trader for Metropolitan Capital, a New York based hedge fund. Carrie has also worked with Bank of America (arbitrage) and founded and managed Athena Assets Management, a New York hedge fund.

Jordi Arimany

Jordi is a native of Guatemala who earned his MBA in the United States. Jordi is a seasoned investment banker and businessman, with experience in both the U.S. and Central America. He has served at both Miami based Latin American Financial Services (Lafise) and Central America’s largest bank, Banco Industrial.

Key Employees

Chad Craig, Vice-President, Operations
Bryan Arnold, Vice-President, Marketing
Joshua Mossberg Galbraith, Master Grower

Professional Support


Dale S. Bergman, Partner, Gutiérrez Bergman Boulris, P.L.L.C.


Inca Bay, Inc.



Public Relations

Stacey Schrager & Associates

Transfer Agent

Pacific Stock Transfer, Las Vegas, Nevada

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